At Abalta, we take immense pride in our talented team that drives innovation and excellence every day. Our journey has been colored by the incredible individuals who dedicate their skills and passion to our company and contribute to our continued success.

Get to Know the Faces Behind Abalta’s Success

Meet Borimir Sabev, Senior Software Engineer

Curious to know more about Borimir’s incredible journey at Abalta? Here’s a glimpse:

Name: Borimir Sabev
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Years at Abalta: 16 years

What Borimir Loves Most About Abalta:

Borimir cherishes the endless opportunities to work on diverse projects using various technologies and constantly learning new things. But what truly stands out is the remarkable team spirit that fuels Abalta’s success.

Unforgettable Moments:

Borimir reminisces about the unforgettable moments of teamwork, especially when they come together during critical situations. And let’s not forget the thrilling team-building events, including mountain hiking and summit climbing, that have created lasting memories.

Fun Fact:

Here’s a fun one: Abalta once had two customers with very similar names. During a project meeting, they unconsciously started discussing the project for the wrong customer! Oops!

Change Over the Years:

Borimir has seen Abalta evolve significantly. From adopting agile processes to a substantial increase in the number of employees, including the growth of the QA team, the journey has been remarkable.

Borimir’s Perspective on Abalta’s 20th Anniversary:

In his 16 years at Abalta, Borimir has witnessed remarkable progress. With the workforce expanding tenfold, he envisions an even bigger and better Abalta in the future. He values the cooperation and support from colleagues and management, the exceptional teamwork, and the professional competence that thrives even in high-pressure situations.

Meet Blagoy Ruychev, Senior Software Engineer

Here’s a glimpse into Blagoy’s impressive journey at Abalta:

Name: Blagoy Ruychev
Title: Senior Software Engineer
Years at Abalta: 15 years

Blagoy’s Abalta Highlight:

What Blagoy loves most is the fantastic working atmosphere at Abalta and the strong bond within the team.

Unforgettable Moments:

One memorable moment that stands out for Blagoy is the first iPhone MAD Maps project. The entire team was overflowing with enthusiasm and satisfaction upon its successful completion.

Change Over the Years:

Abalta has grown over the years, and Blagoy highlights the company’s commitment to adopting new technologies in its projects.

Blagoy’s Perspective on Abalta’s 20th Anniversary:

Blagoy wishes Abalta continued success and hopes that the team remains as close-knit and enjoyable as ever.

Meet Vi Chau, Principal Software Engineer

Get to know Vi’s journey at Abalta:

Name: Vi Chau
Title: Principal Software Engineer
Years at Abalta: Since December 2005

Vi’s Abalta Experience:

For Vi, it’s the incredible people he’s had the privilege to work with, both former and current coworkers, that have made his journey at Abalta special.

Unforgettable Moments:

One unforgettable moment for Vi was being sent to New Zealand for a month to work at Navman during the summer of 2008.

Fun Fact:

Vi shares an interesting tidbit: Abalta used to have a collection box where people had to pay $1 for being late to work. Late to a meeting? You had to buy donuts for everyone!

Change Over the Years:

The most significant change Vi has witnessed is the size of the company. He joined as the 6th employee and has seen Abalta grow significantly.

Meet Zack Kimball, Principal Software Engineer

Discover Zack’s incredible journey at Abalta:

Name: Zack Kimball
Title: Principal Software Engineer
Years at Abalta: 11 years

Zack’s Abalta Highlights:

Zack loves the wide variety of projects and technologies he’s encountered at Abalta, which have evolved since he joined.

Unforgettable Moments:

One memorable moment was the raffle at old holiday parties. The key to winning? Declare that you’ve ‘never won anything.’ It worked for Zack once!

Fun Fact:

The old Abalta office was conveniently located next to a local brewery. So, after a long and stressful week, the entire office would often walk over to celebrate successful releases, milestones, or contracts.

Change Over the Years:

Zack notes significant changes in processes and the maturation of the engineering structure at Abalta. This has improved both the quality of results and the quality of life for employees.

Zack’s Perspective on Abalta’s 20th Anniversary:

Zack reflects on Abalta’s wild journey from humble beginnings to explosive growth and maturation. He’s excited about what the next few years will bring for the company.

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