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Abalta enables people on the move to enjoy effortless lifestyle experiences.


At Abalta, we specialize in mobility software solutions with expertise in connectivity, cloud backend and smart device integration.

Our expert teams create products and services that improve the user experience and respond to the complex needs of our global clients.

Customers & Partners


  • Technical expertise including connectivity, cloud backend, and embedded device integrations.
  • Engineers who are well-versed in many programming languages and can handle any type of software integration.
  • Expert project management teams who drive success with on-time delivery.
Engineering Solutions

Embedded software and application development services


Mapping Intelligence

Tomorrow’s mapping advances delivered today




  • A connected, customizable content and service platform to solve for virtually any customer requirement and user need.
  • Solutions that can be utilized and deployed on almost every type of mobility device, anywhere.
  • A cloud backend administration to enable upgradeability and centralized control.

Enjoy your favorite apps in any vehicle, anytime, anywhere


GIS & Location Data Products

Brand Icons, Junction View, Exit POIs, and Mile Markers


Your preferred software solutions provider in the advanced age of mobility.

For 20 years, we’ve helped clients with expert consulting services and off-the-shelf products that enable our clients to launch projects and connected solutions on time and on budget.

We find ways to solve market needs, offer connected solutions, and create market demand in the mobility space.

We have repeat business from many satisfied customers and continuously evolve our solutions with a human-centered approach.

The Abalta Team
The Abalta Team

Join Abalta in Celebrating Milestones With Us!

We are thrilled to share this significant moment of achievement and gratitude with you, our cherished clients, partners, and dedicated team.

WebLink Host smartphone app

WebLink® Host Mobile App

WebLink converts your vehicle into a connected car, allowing you to safely and easily enjoy your favorite smartphone apps on the go.

Personalize your experience with any vehicle, anytime, anywhere.