Elevating Connectivity On the Go


WebLink by Abalta redefines connectivity, ensuring safety, dynamic experiences, and unmatched convenience. Our focus aligns seamlessly with the ever-changing tech landscape. Continuously adapting to market demands, WebLink guarantees an innovative mobility experience, making us your trusted partner for connectivity on the move.


Unlocking Limitless Connectivity with WebLink

Customization Expertise

WebLink enables smartphone app projection from the most popular Android and iOS devices on the market to in-vehicle touch displays.

Versatile Platform Coverage

WebLink is meticulously crafted and fine-tuned to excel on a diverse spectrum of in-vehicle infotainment platforms. Whether it’s a straightforward display audio device or a highly advanced in-vehicle system, WebLink ensures a cohesive interaction with your smartphone. This guarantees that drivers receive the content and services they desire, delivering an unparalleled infotainment experience.

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Global Compatibility

WebLink is crafted for global use, functioning seamlessly in every corner of the world. Its universal compatibility guarantees widespread availability, making it the prime choice for diverse markets and regions worldwide.

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Market Growth

With over 6 million enabled vehicles globally, WebLink has made a remarkable impact across in-vehicle aftermarket, OEM, and fleet industries. Customers consistently choose WebLink to seamlessly integrate into their display audio product lines, solidifying its position as a preferred industry solution.

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Addressing Market Gaps

WebLink steps in where major suppliers fall short, especially in emerging markets where price and content are pivotal. With its market-driven value and customized solutions, WebLink emerges as the competitive choice, bridging crucial connectivity gaps.

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Driver Friendly User Experience

Take a look at our off-the-shelf in-vehicle user experience. With our team’s help, you’ll customize the in-car experience to reflect your brand and achieve your objectives.

Seamless Integration with WebLink​​

App Developers

Do you have an iOS, Android, or HTML5 app? Make it WebLink-compatible effortlessly. Our comprehensive app software development toolkit, equipped with test tools and simulators, streamlines the process.

Head Unit Manufacturers & Vehicle OEMs

Are you a head unit manufacturer, Tier-1 supplier, or OEM aiming to create a connected digital cockpit? WebLink is your solution. It enables swift integration of connected solutions, meeting drivers’ demands globally.

Join our Partners Using WebLink

Experience a partnership beyond boundaries. Abalta’s expertise in developing and customizing apps is dedicated to aligning solutions with your brand’s identity and user experience goals.

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