Transforming Visions into Triumph

Custom Engineering Solutions

At Abalta, we are more than just a technical solutions provider – we are your dedicated partner committed to turning your innovative concepts into triumphant realities. With unwavering determination, our teams of skilled engineers and product managers work relentlessly to transform your ideas from ideation to deployment.

Our Expertise

Automotive Solutions

Revolutionizing Your Drive

Infotainment Systems

  • Head-unit (HU) Applications
  • Automotive-Grade
  • HMI / UI, UX Design
  • Embedded Middleware
  • Back-End and Third-Party Content Integrations
  • RTOS for Resource-Constrained Platforms
  • Strong Commitment to Quality, Performance, Security, and SDLC Requirements

Connectivity Solutions

Seamless Connections, Anytime

Telematics & In-Vehicle Connectivity

  • Mobile & Connected Vehicle Applications
  • Connectivity Platforms: Cloud Services, Mobile, and IoT
  • HU Projection Solutions
  • Mobile Connectivity Stacks
  • Support for USB, Bluetooth/BLE, and WiFi (iOS/Android)
  • Developer SDKs
  • TCU and Black Box Integration
  • Focus on Low Latency and High Reliability

Mapping Solutions

Precision Redefined, Every Journey

Navigation and Location Intelligence

  • Custom Navigation Map Formats and Libraries
  • Specialization in Safety, UBI, and EV Navigation
  • Expertise in Embedded, Mobile, and Web-Based Mapping Applications
  • ADAS, HD Mapping, and TMC Integration
  • Cloud-Based Delivery of Map Tiles
  • Map Format Conversions
  • GIS Based Platforms for Complex Routing and Data Capture

Enhance Your Fleet Safety

Download our datasheet for instant access to our lightweight mapping solution for detecting and tracking speeding events.

Why Choose Abalta?

Platforms and Languages

Abalta stands as a worldwide frontrunner in the design and development of automotive-grade software. We specialize in assisting customers in crafting pioneering solutions to tackle their challenges in domains like In-vehicle Infotainment, Connected Vehicles, Digital Maps, Smartphone Connectivity, and IoT.
Our outstanding team develops software for leading embedded and mobile operating systems, including:

Automotive Grade Linux
Green Hills Software
QNX Software Systems
Windows Automotive

Our seasoned experts possess mastery in multiple programming languages ensuing seamless integration and unparalleled performance.


Cloud Services

Abalta has extensive experience building cloud-based solutions to enhance the digital cockpit experience. Whether it’s creating next-generation voice services or unique user experiences through cloud content, we bring your vision to life.

Expertise Across Leading Cloud Platforms

We leverage leading cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure to power our solutions. With specialized knowledge in key Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies, including Amazon S3, EC2, AWS Lambda, AWS IoT, Amazon DynamoDB, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CDK, AWS AppSync, and VPC, we offer solid technical proficiency.

Our expertise extends across a range of AWS services, from AWS Fargate and Elastic Beanstalk to CloudWatch, Amplify, and IAM. We ensure smooth integration and dependable performance tailored to your unique requirements.

Commitment to Excellence

Our reputation for excellence is built on meticulous project planning and execution. We adhere to industry-leading standards, proudly maintaining ISO 27001/27002 compliance for robust information and data security management processes. Embracing ISO 29119’s keyword-driven testing methodology underscores our dedication to precision and reliability.

Our Trusted Partners

Partner with Abalta and experience the difference a reliable, innovative, and dedicated technical partner can make in bringing your ideas to fruition. Your success is our triumph!

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