March 3, 2023, San Diego, CA

WebLink®, the in-vehicle platform which is used in more than 5 million vehicles worldwide, has made its debut in Japan!

Operate your iPhone or Android by casting the screen to your car’s AV display or enjoy your favorite apps like YouTube!

WebLink® is featured in Pioneer’s new product “Carrozzeria 9-inch Display Audio (DMH-SF500)”!


Abalta Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: San Diego, California, CEO: Kenichi Kuwajima, hereinafter referred to as Abalta), a group company of Zenrin Co., Ltd., develops global in-vehicle software solutions. WebLink has been integrated into Pioneer Corporation’s new product the Carrozzeria 9-inch display audio “DMH-SF500” which was released on March 2, 2023 (Japan time). WebLink will be Abalta’s first product to enter the Japanese market.

[Image of WebLink]

WebLink, Abalta’s smartphone connectivity solution, is an in-vehicle platform that is used in more than 5 million vehicles throughout the world. By connecting a smartphone with an in-vehicle display equipped with WebLink, you can display and operate smartphone applications on the in-vehicle screen, access various media content from the smartphone, and watch your favorite YouTube videos.

Abalta is excited to be able to deliver a product that will provide a more entertaining and comfortable car experience to as many Japanese users as possible.


Greetings From Kenichi Kuwajima, CEO of Abalta Technologies, Inc.

We are thrilled that WebLink has been integrated into Pioneer’s display audio for the Japanese market. Connectivity applications that unite people and vehicles are becoming more and more relevant. Abalta will continue to develop connectivity products and services that support all types of mobility and will further collaborate with car manufacturers and in-vehicle electronic component manufacturers to make the lifestyle of each user richer and more attractive.


What is WebLink?

WebLink is Abalta’s in-vehicle smartphone connectivity platform, which is used by more than 5 million people worldwide* and has been installed by more than 21 companies around the world.

1. The “Cast” feature of WebLink projects the screen of the smartphone directly onto the car’s AV display and can be controlled using the Pioneer touch screen display.

[Image of Weblink Cast in Carrozzeria Display Audio “DMH-SF500”]

WebLink “Cast” not only projects the screen of the smartphone that is connected but can also be operated on the screen displayed in the car. The user can also access all music and video files stored on their smartphone. 

2. In addition to WebLink Cast, if you have a WebLink compatible application, you can operate it smoothly on the screen.

[Images of YouTube on WebLink]

For example, you can login to YouTube and enjoy watching your favorite content from the comfort of your vehicle. 

*WebLink Supported Applications


  • Depending on the smartphone model, some operations may be restricted, such as not being able to touch or scroll. 
  • Smartphone apps available within WebLink Cast are provided by third parties and are subject to change or be discontinued without notice.
  • Certain apps may restrict some functions, such as video and music playback.
  • For safety reasons, some apps cannot be used while driving.


Background of WebLink and Its First Entry into the Japanese Market 

The WebLink software development kit developed by Abalta in the early 2010s was adopted by Pioneer’s AppRadio products in 2014 which replaced smartphone connections that previously required multiple cables (HDMI, USB, Apple adapter) with a USB. WebLink allows the user to connect a smartphone to an in-vehicle infotainment system with a single cable. In 2018, Pioneer moved from its own smartphone platform called AppRadio to Abalta’s WebLink. Since then, Pioneer has developed its own custom applications using WebLink to provide unique entertainment experiences for its customers. This is the first time WebLink has been used in a product in Japan as part of Pioneer’s launch of a new display audio product.


About the Carrozzeria 9-inch Display Audio “DMH-SF500”

[Image of Carrozzeria Display Audio “DMH-SF500]

Floating type 9-inch display audio released by Pioneer. It is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as WebLink. 


Official Website:

More Information about WebLink on DMH-S500 can be found at:


About Abalta Technologies, Inc. ( Abalta is a technology company that has been providing software solutions for over 20 years. We offer solutions to advance global mobility and improve digital lifestyles. ​Our engineering expertise enables us to work with all types of mobility companies to deliver products, content and services. We strive to support end users so they can enjoy more convenient, comfortable lifestyles. 

* Apple CarPlay® and iPhone® are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. The trademark of the iPhone in Japan is based on the license of Aiphone Co., Ltd.
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